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In today’s digital landscape, website security is of utmost importance. With cyber threats constantly evolving, it has become essential for WordPress website owners to implement robust security measures. One effective way to enhance the security of your WordPress site is by utilizing reliable security plugins. In this article, we will talk about the benefits of the Really Simple SSL plugin, explore its features, and discuss how it can help safeguard your WordPress website.

What is http:// to https://

HTTP to HTTPS refers to the transition or conversion of a website’s communication protocol from Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) to Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS).

HTTP is the standard protocol used for transmitting data over the internet. However, it operates over an unencrypted connection, which means that the information exchanged between a website and its visitors can be intercepted and potentially compromised.

On the other hand, HTTPS incorporates an additional layer of security by encrypting the data exchanged between a website and its users. This encryption is achieved through an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or TLS (Transport Layer Security) certificate. HTTPS ensures that the data transmitted cannot be easily intercepted or tampered with, enhancing the privacy and integrity of the communication.

When a website transitions from HTTP to HTTPS, it involves configuring the website and web server to use an SSL/TLS certificate and updating the URLs of the website to reflect the HTTPS protocol.

Introducing a Really Simple SSL Plugin

Really Simple SSL is a popular security plugin for WordPress that focuses on securing your website’s communication by enabling HTTPS encryption. It simplifies the process of migrating your website from HTTP to HTTPS, ensuring secure data transmission between your site and visitors. The plugin is easy to install and configure, making it accessible to WordPress users of all technical levels.

How to install Really Simple SSL

Installing the Really Simple SSL plugin is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to install and set up Really Simple SSL on your WordPress website:

  1. .Log in to your WordPress Dashboard
  1. From the WordPress Dashboard, locate the “Plugins” option on the left-hand menu and click on it. Then, select “Add New.”
  1. In the “Add Plugins” page, you’ll find a search bar in the top right corner. Type “Really Simple SSL” into the search field and press Enter.
  1. .Look for the “Really Simple SSL” plugin in the search results. Once you find it, click on the “Install Now” button next to the plugin’s name.
install Really Simple SSL
  1. After the installation is complete, click on the “Activate” button to activate the Really Simple SSL plugin.
  1. Once activated, you’ll be redirected to the Really Simple SSL setup wizard. This wizard will guide you through the initial configuration process.
  1. The setup wizard will check if your website is compatible with SSL. It will analyze your website and inform you if any issues or conflicts are detected.
  1. If your website is compatible, the setup wizard will prompt you to enable SSL. Click on the “Go ahead, activate SSL!” button to enable SSL encryption on your website.
Activate SSL

Note: It’s always recommended to take a backup of your website before installing or making significant changes to plugins or configurations. This ensures that you have a restore point in case any issues arise during the installation or setup process.

Key Features of Really Simple SSL Plugin

The Really Simple SSL plugin offers several key features to simplify the process of enabling SSL encryption and ensuring a secure HTTPS connection for your WordPress website. Here are some of its notable features:

Automatically upgrading to HTTPS

The plugin automatically detects your SSL certificate and configures your website to use HTTPS. It handles the technical aspects of SSL setup, eliminating the need for manual configuration.

Mixed Content Fixer

During the migration from HTTP to HTTPS, mixed content issues can arise when some elements on your website, such as images or scripts, are still loaded over an insecure HTTP connection. Really Simple SSL includes a mixed content fixer that detects and resolves these issues, ensuring that all elements on your website are loaded securely over HTTPS.

Enable Mixed Content Fixer

HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS)

HSTS is an important security feature that instructs web browsers to always load your website over HTTPS, even if a user types “http://” in the address bar. Really Simple SSL provides an option to enable HSTS preloading, adding your website to the HSTS preload list maintained by major browsers. This further enhances security by ensuring that all future visits to your site are automatically redirected to HTTPS.

Easy Configuration and Setup

Really Simple SSL is designed to be user-friendly, even for those with limited technical knowledge. The plugin offers a straightforward installation process and provides a simple interface to configure SSL settings. It seamlessly integrates with your WordPress site and works out of the box without requiring complex manual configurations.

Really Simple SSL Dashboard

Compatibility with Other Plugins

Really Simple SSL is built to be compatible with other plugins and themes. It automatically detects common conflicts or issues that may arise during the SSL setup process and offers recommendations for resolving them. This compatibility ensures a smooth integration of SSL encryption with other essential plugins and functionalities on your WordPress website.

Redirect Options

The plugin provides different options for redirecting your HTTP traffic to HTTPS. You can choose from various redirect methods, such as .htaccess, JavaScript, or WordPress-specific methods, to ensure that all visitors are automatically redirected to the secure HTTPS version of your site.

SSL Certificate Expiry Notifications

Really Simple SSL sends email notifications to the website administrator to alert them about upcoming SSL certificate expirations. This feature helps you stay proactive in renewing your SSL certificate on time, ensuring uninterrupted HTTPS encryption for your site.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to Really Simple SSL

Is Really Simple SSL compatible with all WordPress websites?

Yes, Really Simple SSL is designed to be compatible with most WordPress websites. However, in rare cases, conflicts or issues may arise due to specific server configurations or other plugins/themes. The plugin provides compatibility checks and recommendations to address such conflicts.

Do I need an SSL certificate to use Really Simple SSL?

Yes, an SSL certificate is required to use Really Simple SSL. The plugin works by leveraging the SSL certificate installed on your web server to enable HTTPS encryption for your website.

Can Really Simple SSL fix mixed content issues?

Yes, Really Simple SSL includes a mixed content fixer that automatically detects and resolves mixed content issues on your website. It ensures that all elements, such as images, scripts, and links, are loaded securely over HTTPS to avoid diverse content warnings.

Does Really Simple SSL handle content security policy (CSP)?

No, Really Simple SSL does not handle content security policy (CSP) configurations directly. However, it seamlessly integrates with popular WordPress security plugins that offer CSP functionalities. You can use a dedicated security plugin to implement and manage your website’s content security policy.

Can I revert back to HTTP after enabling Really Simple SSL?

While it’s technically possible to revert back to HTTP, it is not recommended. Enabling SSL encryption and using HTTPS is crucial for the security and privacy of your website and its visitors. It helps protect sensitive information and establishes trust with users.

Will Really Simple SSL affect my website’s performance?

Enabling SSL encryption does introduce a slight performance overhead due to the encryption and decryption processes. However, modern servers and browsers are optimized to handle SSL efficiently. The impact on performance is usually minimal and often outweighed by the security benefits provided by SSL.

Does Really Simple SSL work with caching plugins?

Yes, Really Simple SSL is designed to work with caching plugins. However, some caching configurations may require additional settings to ensure compatibility.

Is Really Simple SSL paid plugin?

Really Simple SSL has a free version and a premium version with more features. The free version enables SSL encryption and secure HTTPS connection. It has automatic SSL configuration, mixed content fixer, and compatibility checks. The premium version, Really Simple SSL Pro, offers advanced features and support. It has HSTS preloading, multi-site support, and customized SSL settings for pages/posts. It includes priority email support. Check the Really Simple SSL website for pricing and specific features. The free version works for basic SSL needs, while the premium version is for advanced configurations and personalized assistance.

Really Simple SSL Pricing

Really Simple SSL Premium offers different pricing plans to cater to various needs. One of their pricing options is the Agency Plan, which is priced at $199. This plan allows you to use Really Simple SSL on up to 25 websites and includes one year of support and updates. It is suitable for agencies or developers who manage multiple client sites and require SSL implementation and ongoing support.

Additionally, there is a plan for smaller-scale usage called the 5-Site Plan, priced at $99. This plan allows you to activate Really Simple SSL on up to 5 websites and also includes support and updates. It is ideal for individuals or businesses with a smaller number of websites.

For those with a single personal website, Really Simple SSL offers the Personal Plan, priced at $39. This plan allows you to enable SSL encryption on a single website and provides support and updates.

These pricing options provide flexibility based on the number of sites you need to secure and the level of support required. By choosing the appropriate plan, you can ensure a secure HTTPS connection for your websites with the added benefits of ongoing updates and assistance from the Really Simple SSL team.

Really Simple SSL Pricing


In conclusion, the article “Really Simple SSL: WordPress SSL Plugin” provides an insightful and detailed overview of the Really Simple SSL plugin. It covers the key features, benefits, and installation process, making it a valuable resource for WordPress users seeking to enhance their website’s security with SSL encryption.

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