In just 30 years, e-commerce has radically transformed the way we shop. The traditional shopping experience no longer consists of going to a store, picking what you want, paying for it, and bringing it home. Now, the thrill of the purchase lasts longer from the moment you click to buy until you open the box.

Though American digital titans such as Amazon and eBay receive much attention, AliExpress, a Chinese company, is considered the actual king of eCommerce and is located thousands of kilometers east. The Alibaba Group owns a sizable e-commerce platform that links independent suppliers and customers globally. Without a doubt, one of the biggest e-commerce success stories is AliExpress.

This post describes the essential components of AliExpress’s success, how to create a website that functions similarly, and how much it will cost to have a website developed by a website development company.

What is AliExpress?

The eCommerce platform AliExpress has grown in popularity for online shopping. It was founded as an Alibaba Group division in 2010. The portal acts as a marketplace, connecting buyers and sellers worldwide.

AliExpress offers a wide range of products, such as clothing, electronics, household goods, accessories, and more. It is becoming a well-liked option for consumers looking for fair-quality goods. This eCommerce marketplace has created opportunities for merchants by providing them with a global platform to engage with a sizable consumer base.

Benefits of Creating an Online Store Similar to AliExpress

Entrepreneurs can serve as middlemen between suppliers and consumers through an eCommerce website development firm. Additionally, they lower running and upfront expenditures, which raises revenue and ROI.

Expanding the Market

The e-commerce industry is expanding at a 20% annual rate and is projected to be worth 1.4 trillion by 2025. With a broad target demographic, creating a software solution for an e-commerce marketplace such as AliExpress can be profitable.

Possibility of Quick Growth

Making your gateway a pleasant location for buyers and vendors will attract more visitors. AliExpress provided a mutually beneficial ecology.

Widespread Public Awareness

Developing an online marketplace like AliExpress gives you an extensive audience reach. The larger the audience, the higher the website development turnover and your income.

Cost-Driven Elements to Create an AliExpress-Style eCommerce App

App development has become popular among companies trying to reach customers and boost revenue. However, various factors could affect the cost of creating an app for an online store. Let’s examine the principal ones.

Project Complexity and Scope

eCommerce app development is directly impacted by the project’s complexity and size. Standard features like a shopping cart, secure payment, product listings, and search options will cost less. Nevertheless, the cost of developing a mobile app will increase if your program contains complex features like AI or AR/VR.

Platform Opt-Out

The platform is the next factor influencing the cost of constructing an app with the help of a website development company similar to AliExpress. Creating apps for iOS and Android costs money, time, and labor.

User Experience and Design (UI/UX)

A study found that the design of a brand’s app accounts for 94% of initial impressions. Naturally, a highly personalized and eye-catching design draws in users and provides a first-rate user experience. All things considered, creating an eCommerce app similar to AliExpress requires more substantial financial investments, even though intelligent UI/UX improves user experience.

The Development Team’s location

The development team’s location affects the costs associated with development. Rates are typically higher in places with higher living expenses.

Integrations with Third Parties

The price of creating an eCommerce app includes the expense of integrating it with other services such as CRM, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and analytics tools.

Integration of Payment Gateways

Secure payment mechanisms must be integrated to create an eCommerce app like AliExpress. The choice of payment mechanism and compliance with security requirements affect the price of developing an eCommerce app with an eCommerce website development firm.

Quality Control and Testing

Ensure your app development company tests functionality, security, and performance in-depth. Although it ensures a product free of bugs, it could potentially lengthen and increase the cost of the application development process.

How Much Does It Cost to Create an App Similar to AliExpress?

Usually, multiple meetings are needed before determining the project’s parameters and drafting a draft budget with an ecommerce web development company. To calculate the expenses, they evaluate the anticipated features and the number of hours of labor required to develop an eCommerce app similar to AliExpress.

AliExpress and comparable eCommerce marketplace software costs vary depending on the services and features provided, integrated platforms, technology stack, and other considerations. The number of worker hours needed is determined by the application’s complicated architecture and the variety of supported operating systems and devices. AliExpress’s eCommerce app development costs range from $45,000 to $50,000.


It’s essential to comprehend what customers want. Many individuals value the platform because it is rapid and affordable. The eCommerce website development firm is ready to help clients and vendors with payments, shipping, and merchandise returns. Find out what customers want if you want to build a website comparable to AliExpress. Having distinctive characteristics or products will broaden your market.

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